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Animation "Classics": Kinesin Walking (narrated version for Garland)

I created this animation of the molecular motor "kinesin" walking along a protofilament of a microtubule in 1999 for the Ron Milligan and Ron Vale Science paper referenced below. It was my first major project using Cinema4D instead of my old favorite StrataStudioPro on a mac.

Mike Morales and Peter Walter created a narration for Garland publishers Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al.

For details on the science behind the animated visualization, please check out the original paper: Vale, R. D. & Milligan, R. A. The Way Things Move: Looking Under the Hood of Molecular Motor Proteins Science, 2000, 288, 88-95

Created by Graham Johnson of and Graham Johnson medical media, for Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4e by Alberts, Walter, et al, Gardland Publishers. ©2002

For more on simulating and animating molecules, cells and helpful plugins, please visit or

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